About company
What is BillHunters?
BillHunters is a revenue aggregation platform that independently develops a cryptocurrency automatic trading arbitrage system, and at the same time opens up the DeFi protocol at the bottom, and trades the highest-yield DeFi products according to the strategy. BillHunters invests the pooled funds into major DeFi platforms, and obtains the maximum return through compound interest, leverage, and automatic position adjustment.
Are you a legitimate company?
Bill Hunters Investment Management Ltd is an investment company registered in London, UK, responsible for project operations and global business. The parent company MVS Group Ltd wholly controls Bill Hunters Investment Management Ltd, registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and legally reduces taxes.
How long has the platform been working?
Starting from March 2021, we open investment and wealth management services for some investors in the form of the ChainHunters club. The system will be fully opened in 2022, and anyone can participate in our investment plan.
Technical questions
How can I join BillHunters? Is it free?
Anyone can register for an account for free, but it can only be registered under the invitation of a friend.
Can I create multiple accounts?
One person can only create one account. If one person registers multiple accounts, our system will determine whether there are multiple accounts based on equipment, IP address, network environment and other conditions, and the system will automatically freeze invalid accounts.
Residents of which country can participate in the plan?
People from any country can participate in our platform, as long as they have a local mobile phone number and email address.
How can I protect my account?
Don't under any circumstances enter your account information on third-party sites. We have only one official website https://billhunters.com/ Only provide your username and email address to BillHunters technical support when necessary. Never give your account password to anyone, the technical support service never asks for your password.
What is the company's working hours?
Our platform is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All operations are performed automatically. With the exception of the withdrawal of funds, this operation is performed manually by specialists of the financial department. You can read more about withdrawing funds in the corresponding section of the FAQ.
Investment plan
What e-currencies do you accept?
We accept cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, USDT. In the future, as the project develops, we will add new cryptocurrencies and means of payment. Read our news and updates carefully.
How can I make a deposit?
If you don't have a cryptocurrency wallet, you need to buy cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT) on exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, etc.). Then you install a wallet and withdraw the purchased cryptocurrency to your wallet. You create a payment order in our system, then transfer the corresponding cryptocurrency to our system, and then the deposit is successful.
How to withdraw money?
To withdraw funds, first of all, you need to specify the wallet number of the cryptocurrency you are using. This can be done in your personal account in the `WALLETS` section. After that, go to the `WITHDRAW` tab, select the cryptocurrency and specify the amount you want to withdraw.
How to buy an investment plan?
In the `Investment` -`Plans` tab, you can select a plan, enter the amount of investment you want, and then click to buy.
Promotion team
How to participate in the promotion team?
You just need to register on our platform and share your referral link with your partners. More details about the promotion team can be found on this page in our APP.
Can I receive promotion rewards without my own deposit?
No, you need to purchase a plan of at least $100, and can get promotion rewards from anyone you invited.
How will I receive my referral commission?
As soon as the investor you invited purchases a plan, you will receive a referral reward directly to the platform balance and team rewards every day.
How to get my referral link?
Go to the `Teams`-`Invite` tab of your personal account.