Bill Hunters Investment Management Ltd
It is registered (No.14054464) in London, England, and it complies with local laws to conduct business globally. It is wholly-owned by the parent company Bill Hunters Group Ltd(No.113954). We are an international financial asset management company consisting of financial analysts, IT technical engineers, cryptocurrency experts and blockchain technology developers. Our main business is to engage in cryptocurrency arbitrage and liquidity mining in the DeFi ecosystem. The company holds a large amount of funds and can frequently conduct large-scale transactions on different exchanges and obtain profits from it. According to the corresponding strategy, the system will flow funds into a high-quality DeFi platform. BillHunters will screen out the most stable mining pool for liquidity mining based on the depth, liquidity, and currency price fluctuations of the mining pool. And will continue to compound interest operations.
The safely investing
The parent company, Bill Hunters Group Ltd(No.113954), is registered in Marshall and has a number of businesses around the world, legally avoiding a large amount of taxation.
Bill Hunters Investment Management Ltd is the actual operating company of the project. It conducts business in the UK, has better resources and markets, and has better protection for investors.
Official registration of the our company
All funds are very safe and protected by law
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Our goal and mission
Largest and Experienced Crypto Manager for Every Investor. We believe in building a solid foundation and building long-term relationships with our customers through proper training
High level security
We use the latest security systems to ensure maximum site availability. All user data is encrypted via EV SSL.
Work efficiently
Executing tasks with the least amount of resource waste, in order for the company to maximise profits. We execute more than what is expected.
Supervisable transparency
Company runs in such a way that clients and us are able to communicate openly. All decisions should be made in public, and informations should be shared.
Development History
Check out our roadmap to find out our stages of development and our main goals that we set.
September 2020
Professor John.Lucas led a group of students in the university laboratory to study cryptocurrency high-frequency trading arbitrage schemes.
After two months of research and testing, a feasible arbitrage scheme was finally developed, and a semi-automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading system was developed.
March 2021
We established the ChainHunters club, and we have already brought huge profits to the first group of club members who participated in cryptocurrency investment, with an average monthly yield of 26%.
The team has begun to create a blockchain ecosystem composed of DeFi, DEX, liquidity pool, and NFT products.
January 2022
The team decided to establish a company, open investment for everyone, build a larger liquid mining pool, use our advanced technology and rich experience to create more value in the DeFi ecosystem